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HRI-JP Audition for Robots with Kyoto University (HARK)


  • 2010/11/25 HARK tutorial @ Kyoto University (Japanese) (STILL VACANCY *** Available ***) CFP
  • 2010/11/25 HARK 1.0.0 will be released.
  • 2010/3/26 Our activitiy on HARK in Willow Garage Inc. was published on WEB with a movie "HARK on Texai". Here are Japanese version (YouTube), and Chinese version.
  • 2010/3/20 We released FlowDesigner_0.9.1_hri-1.0.5.
  • 2009/12/07 We held the 4th HARK tutorial (in English) as a tutorial session for IEEE Humanoids 2009, Paris, France.
  • 2009/11/20 We held the 3rd HARK tutorial (in Japanese) in Keio University, Japan.
  • 2009/7/3 Dr. Takahashi talks about a robot audition, the HARK and Prince-Shotoku robot at University of the Ryukyus
  • 2009/6/23 Dr. Nakadai introduces a robot audition and the HARK at IEEE VAIL computer elements workshop.
  • 2009/6/19 Dr. Nakadai introduces JSAI Special Interest Group of AI-Challenge and robot audition at The 23rd Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence.
  • 2009/5/12 Prof. Patrick Danes (LAAS-CNRS) visits Kyoto University and discussed about a robot audition.
  • 2009/4/30-5/1 Dr. Takahashi talks "How to use the HARK" in the lecture of Signal Processing Seminar at the graduate school of informatics, Kyoto University (the lecture was three hours per day.).
  • 2008/11/14 hark-fd-0.1.7 was released in HARK User Site.
    • bug fixes of configure script about the audio devices, TD-BD-8CSUSB and RASP2.
  • 2008/11/5 hark-fd-0.1.6 and tftool-1.1.0 were released in HARK User Site.
    • hark-fd-0.1.6
      • bug fixes about feature extraction
    • tftool-1.1.0
      • The package name of tsp2tf is changed into tftool, and the calculation program of transfer functions for MUSIC is added.
  • 2008/8/23 HARK Tutorial 1 and 2 are added in HARK User Site.
  • 2008/8/23 hark-fd-0.1.5 and julius-3.5-mfcnet-mb-1.0.1 are released in HARK User Site.
    • some bug fixes.
  • 2008/8/21 Renewed this website.
  • 2008/8/21 Opened HARK User Site.


HARK consists of a lot of modules for robot audition. These modules are implemented as a module for FlowDesigner and some modules are based on ManyEars. ManyEars provides microphone array processing to perform sound source localization, tracking, and separation.

  • Audio Signal Input
  • Sound Source Localization
  • Sound Source Separation
  • Acoustic Feature Extraction
  • Automatic Missing Feature Mask Generation
  • Speech Recognition Client


To download other packages, click the following links:


  • The font of HARK logo is Brush Script MT.

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