Test-bed Humanoids

We use humanoid robots as platforms of the research, because we believe that multi-modality of perception and high degree-of-freedom is essential to simulate intelligent behavior.

Humanoid SIG

SIG has a cover by FRP (fiber reinforced plastic). It is designed to separate the SIG inner world from the external one acoustically. A pair of CCD cameras (Sony EVI-G20) is used for stereo vision. Two pairs of microphones are used for auditory processing. One pair is located in the left and right ear position for sound source localization. The other is installed inside the cover mainly for canceling self-motor noise in motion. SIG has 4 DC motors (4 DOFs) with functions of position and velocity control by using potentio-meters.

Humanoid SIG2

SIG2 is designed and built by taking into consideration the problems in humanoid SIG. They are listed the below. SIG2 has soft skin and the human-shaped ears by silicon. The pinnae in the ears improves the front directivity of 10dB. The upper half of the body has 4 DOFs by harmonic drives and is covered by silicon not to reflect sounds so much. The head has two cameras (stereo camera), two microphones (Sennheiser ME102) that is installed in the silicon human ear. The shape of SIG2 is designed by a professional designer to consider the aesthetic appearance.

Humanoid Replie

Replie is similar to SIG2 from the viewpoint of acoustics, because it also has soft skin and the human-shaped ears by silicon. However, Replie is a full body humanoid which is made by molding a Japanese woman. So, the shape of head and body is different from SIG2's. lower half of the body, and 11 DOFs in total. The ears and microphones are the same as SIG2's. Two cameras (CN-68MC) are embedded in the eye positions.