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Okuno Laboratory
Sound Information Processing Group
Department of Intelligence Science and Technology
Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University

Robot Audition Software HARK Version 1.2 Released! (Mar. 2013)

Music makes possible the delightful symbiosis between humans and music co-player robots, regardless of generation and culture. For example, they dance, hum a tune, and clap hands when listening to music. They share the brilliant time through the music. [Jasmine 2011]
Angelica appeared at TEDxKyoto on Sep. 16, 2012.

Itohara et al.'s paper EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing, 2012:6 has been downloaded signnificantly higher.

Violin fingering paper is published in Computer Music Journal.

FireFrog is publshed in Journal of Comparative Physiology A.

BBQ at Yase-Hieisanguchi

Robot Audition Software HARK (1.2 released on Mar. 2013)

Eighth Free Tutorial on HARK on Mar. 19, Kyoto University.
JST-ANS BINAARH Project Final Symposium on Mar. 18, Kyoto University.

HARK on Texai of Willow Garage
YouTube (in Japanese)
YouTube (in Chinese)

Kyoto University

Department of Intelligence Science and Technology
Graduate School of Informatics

Computer Science Course
Department of Information Science and Applied Mathematics
Faculty of Engineering
(Undergradate School)

Literature Building East 4F
Sakyo, Kyoto 606-8501, Japan
(FAX: +81-75-753-5977)

New Master's Program will start (Apr. 2009)

Sudoku Solver for Android with speech and image recognition. (limited free access during Christmas and 2012 New Year)

Introduction to Okuno Lab. Lab Local Info (internal only) Click me to get a large one.

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